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Youth participation as tool to fight the demographical change threatening the Alps - this is the topic of the project “I-LivAlps: LivingLabs with young people in the Alps”. The motor of the process are active, skilled, engaged young people, coordinatet by competent youth leaders and a stable and efficient international network able to foster local activities at the national level in order to anchor youth participation. 36 participants from 6 alpine countries, aged between 15 and 30 years, with different cultural and educational backgrounds are working together with national NGOs to get new skills to become proactive in their community.
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Future generations are the key for sustainable development. Even more in a territory like the alpine space, threatened by a strong demographical change which is making the Alps ageing. This project aims to strengthen youth participation in the Alps. The main activity is a series of four trainings, where Academia and Entrepreneurs can eventually join the NGOs/Youth group to align the vision of research and practical fields. The topics of these trainings are matching the topics highlighted by alpMonitor, in order to work our new results within a participative process. Further activities are a Youth Exchange and European voluntary service as added value for the exchange and organizational support to the project. Through different coaching and interactive methods, inputs and pilot actions, the young people will work in cross-regional thematic groups to develop new ideas also for new sustainable jobs in the Alps. The impact of the project will be on the personal, national and European level. Young people will feel an increased motivation to stay living in the Alps, because new ideas are developed also thanks to their contribution and new job opportunities are generated. At the European level, the alpine network focusing on youth is strengthened and stabilized; at the national level, national NGOs and young people work together being active in their region coordinating their activities at the national level.

CIPRA International is lead partner of the project, which lasts 2 years and is co-financed by Erasmus+, the Cariplo Foundation and the Natum Foundation.


1st Workshop: February 2016, Schaan/LI. Topic: “Spatial planning & quality of life”
2nd Workshop: September 2016, Lecco/I. Topic: "Winter tourism"
3rd Workshop: February 2017, Schellenberg/LI. Topic: "Living and Working"
4th Workshop: September 2017, Valle Maira/I. Topic: "Social Innovation" - blog entry (de)

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