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"Sustainable tourism in the Alps is a major contributing factor to the good quality of life of the population. Providing it is intelligently formulated and implemented, it can combine different areas of life and many of the aspirations of both the local population and visitors to the region. Holistic tourism requires unconventional ideas and creative strategies in order to boost the value of the natural and cultural heritage of the Alps and develop a form of tourism that remains competitive even in the age of climate change. From Ljubljana to Grenoble and from Munich to Turin, CIPRA organisations are coming up with the necessary ideas and strategies by injecting their own distinctive creativity, wit and charm. This Annual Report has lots more on the subject. Join our participants on their field trip to the Slovenian town of Bled as they gain an insight into the excesses of tourism. Enjoy plenty of stunning views with young travellers as they discover the Alps thanks to the Alps Interrail Ticket. Find out more about the all too often laborious political debates with which CIPRA is confronted as it bids to promote long-term sustainable projects rather than the short-termism of hastily agreed, profit-orientated expansion plans."

Extract from the editorial from Christian Baumgartner, Vice-President of CIPRA International

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